Hitler's Revenge at Nuremberg

While visiting the court house in Nuremberg, the site of the Nuremberg trials, one of the excellent historians at the related museum was scheduled to record a BBC interview with me. Unfortunately she phoned to say she had been delayed. She needed to visit her doctor. When she eventually turned up she revealed that she was in considerable pain -- as a result of the bust of Hitler that, in Nazi times, had once stood at the courthouse. Apparently during the Nuremberg trials one of the US military doctors called in to check on the health of the top Nazis who were accused of war crimes, decided to "borrow" the bust of Hitler which stood at the front of the court. When his tour of duty at Nuremberg ended (we believe in 1947) the bust disappeared. Then early in 2015 the Nuremberg courthouse recieved a telephone call from the United States. The former military doctor had died and his widow was desperate to return the bust of Der Fuehrer. (You can understand why.) The historian was despatched to the United States to pick it up, but as she was hurrying to catch her plane home to Germany she slipped on ice and the very heavy bronze bust of Hitler, which she was taking as hand luggage, cracked her ribs. The poor woman returned in considerable pain to Europe but had to change planes in Schiphol airport in the Netherlands. There the security staff X-rayed her bag and saw the face of the greatest war criminal of the last century, the man who had invaded their country in 1940, staring back at them. They called the historian over to answer a few questions -- clearly assuming she was some kind of neo-Nazi Hitler admiring nut. When she produced evidence of her identity as a leading historian she was allowed to go on her way .... but Hitler, in the strangest of ways, had a bit of revenge on those whose job is to ensure that Germany and the world never forgets about his deeds. Our historian friend tried to laugh about the incident, but her ribs still hurt.   (There is a picture of the offending - and offensive - bust on this website's gallery.)