Brexit Without The Bullshit: The Facts on Food, Jobs, Travel and the NHS 

Non-Fiction (paperback) 

In 2016 I did something I had never done before. I voted in the Brexit referendum without knowing what I was voting for or against. No one explained to me - or you - what Brexit would mean for our lives. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, we did not know the facts about Brexit, how it would affect our jobs, food, schools, universities, the NHS, our families, pets, travel arrangements, and even the supposed unity of the United Kingdom. In the years since the Brexit vote, the British government has continued to fail to explain the facts about Brexit, and so I decided to find out for myself. The result is my latest book, “Brexit Without The Bullshit.”

At first I thought that if Brexit were stripped of the bullshit — lies and deceit, scare stories and fantasies — there would be nothing left. But the facts about Brexit are so stark, there’s plenty to discuss and think about. The key fact is this: Brexit is not an event. It is a process. Whether it happens or not, whatever version of leaving the EU we end up with, we will be forced to discuss Brexit for years to come. If we are to survive and perhaps thrive, we need to start with the facts.

Brexit Without the Bullshit   Brexit Without the Bullshit

Title: Brexit Without The Bullshit Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: 27th June 2019 Publisher: Cabury Press ISBN: 978-1912454358

Lessons from the Top 

Non-Fiction (paperback) 

Great leaders have always understood the power of stories. Through the stories they tell, the most successful leaders educate, persuade and bring about change, but we rarely have the background knowledge to explore how they do so. In this hugely insightful guide to getting to the top, leading journalist Gavin Esler presents first-hand knowledge of the secrets of those who achieve power based on over thirty years' experience interviewing world famous figures from Bill Clinton to Angelina Jolie.

Introducing the questions every leader must answer - and the elements that the best stories must contain - Esler explains how creating a leadership story can promote success at all levels, whether running for the United States presidency, or applying for a place at university.

While many essentials of storytelling have stood the test of time, he examines the opportunities and pressures created by twenty-first century phenomena such as 24 hour news, and what they tell us about how to reach the top - and how to judge those already there. Spanning fields from business and culture to the military and even taking in lessons from terrorism, Lessons from the Top offers a fascinating portrait of leadership in the modern world - and shows how the methods of the most powerful leaders could work for you.

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Title: Lessons from Top Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: 12th August 2012 Publisher: Profile ISBN: 978-1846685002

Power Play

Fiction (paperback) 

The British-American special relationship is in trouble - deep trouble. The ambitious US vice president Bobby Black cannot stand the new British prime minister whom he regards as soft on terrorism and far too squamish when it comes to cracking down on those who threaten both countries. In the hope of smoothing things over with the Americans, the prime minister invites Bobby Black to come on a shooting holiday in Scotland ....

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Title: Power Play Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: 29th April 2010 Publisher: Harper ISBN: 978-0007278114

A Scandalous Man

Fiction (paperback) 

Robin Burnett is going to be prime minister of the United Kingdom. He knows it. His rivals know it. The media knows it. And then something terrible happens. He falls in love. Burnett's political destruction at the hands of the press leads to a kind of resurrection as he reveals openly the true political scandal that he was responsible for.

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Title: A Scandalous Man Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: Publisher: Harper ISBN: 978-0007280919

The United States of Anger

Non-Fiction (paperback) 

America and Americans have proved successful in every field of human endeavour from being first on the Moon to the number of Nobel prizes won by American scientists. But why do so many people in the United States appear unhappy with their lot, angry with their government and discontented with their lives? In this fascinating account, filled with stories from people he has met all across the United States, from the White House to small town USA.

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Title: The United States of Anger Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: Publisher: Penguin Books ISBN: 978-0140269277

The Blood Brother

Fiction (paperback) 

The first time David Kerr heard he had a brother was when they told him his brother was dead. The summons from the US embassy to the funeral in Washington is brief, but intriguing. Kerr, a veteran British war reporter, cannot resist the chance to find out more about his shattered family, but as his investigations lead him closer to a shadowy group called The Activity, he finds himself surrounded by brutal violence.

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Title: The Blood Brother Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 978-0006493044

Deep Blue

Fiction (paperback) 

In the heat of the Miami summer, and in the middle of a vicious presidential election campaign, Phil Lewis, a fat Englishman, is found bleeding to death in a hotel bathtub. His wrists have been slashed amid rumours of his role in a money laundering and sex scandal, but on his precarious survival rests the future of the White House. An explosive tale from the very first words: as If he had known that within two hours he would try to commit suicide, Phil Lewis would have dressed differently.

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Title: Deep Blue Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 978-0006472759


Fiction (hard cover) 

PJ O’Neill is the IRA’s most creative killer, the brains behind the bombings, the mastermind the security services are desperate to trap – in time to stop him executing the coup of his terrorist career. The kidnapping of a British explosives expert threatens to bring new expertise to the IRA’s bomb making abilities. One man can stop them – if he can decide on his own divided loyalties.

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Title: Loyalties Author: Gavin Esler Date Published: Publisher: Headline Book Publishing ISBN: 978-0747202288


New Book - How Britain Ends

How Britain Ends - Book Cover

English Nationalism and the Rebirth of Four Nations forecasts the end of the United Kingdom as currently constructed. The UK, which first came into being in 1603, has reinvented itself every century or so ever since. Another reinvention is long overdue. Now, faced with competing nationalisms in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the under-rated phenomenon of English nationalism is pulling the country apart.

What does being “British” means any more when England voted to leave the European Union, propelling many Scots to wonder one more if they should leave that other union, the United Kingdom itself. Should Scotland "take back control” of is own affairs?

Northern Ireland was told by Mrs Thatcher that it is “as British as Finchley, and yet  Boris Johnson’s government cheerfully agreed to put a customs border in the sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. And with devolved parliaments in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, what does the future hold for the people of England, especially those who also feel remote from the goings-on at the Westminster parliament?


“A very lively account of our national identities. It highlights the disruptive power of the rise of English nationalism which is going to be so important over the next decade.” Lord David Willetts, former Conservative minister

“A timely and superbly argued analysis of the mess we’re in.” Alastair Campbell

“Gavin Esler is the perfect guide to the contradictions and tensions threatening to prise the Union apart. How Britain Ends is essential reading for anyone interested in how the UK became so fractured - and how it might be put back together.” Peter Geoghegan, author Democracy for Sale


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